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I jokingly refer to my time with Shimshon Cook as “Shimshoney’s BigBoyz Excellent Adventures.” You’ll see why!   ~Ty Towriss

Shimshon Cook, a native Texan, and his lovely new bride Danielle (Dani) from Canada are not only new citizens of Israel, having made Aliyah in the Fall of 2016, but they are also new, awesome friends of mine, ratcheting up to  “best of friends” level in no time flat. Shimshon and I were instantly like two lost “bruthas from otha muthas.” The way we got connected prior to my trip is a long, convoluted story of 3rd degree acquaintances, etc. Long story short, Shimshon and Dani responded to a call-out to host “some archaeologists” coming to Israel wanting to see the north while staying indigenously in the homes of locals. Well those “some archaeologists” ended up being just little ole me, no archaeologist here but a videographer-uh-ologist. Fortunately for Shimshon and myself, who both love archaeology anyway, finding time to go spelunking in Northern Israel was top priority for both. And we had no idea that a rip-roarin’ good time was about to break out on this scheduled 2 day stop… which coincidentally ended up being 3 days spent over an entire Shabbat weekend… with two of the most gracious and accommodating hosts I could have ever hoped for. Shimshon and Dani are simply amazing people.